Dear Pastors, Friends, and Prayer Partners:


One of the great blessings of our ministry has been the partnerships we have enjoyed. As most of you would likely know, we have partnered with Evangelist Micah Self for over four years now.  I can’t say enough good things about Micah!  He came into our ministry as an intern and almost immediately I asked him to accept a position as Associate Evangelist.  He fulfilled that role well and later we asked him to stay as Staff Evangelist.  I have been thrilled to serve so closely with “a brother, and companion in labor, and fellow-soldier, but your messenger, and he that ministered to my wants.”  Micah has not only served well with our ministry, but has become an integral part of our lives on a personal and family level too. He is a dear friend, a son, a brother, a favorite “uncle” and evangelist to my children, and one of our favorite people in all the world.  Because of this, it gives me great pleasure to tell you about the next step in Micah’s evangelistic ministry.


Starting this Summer and Fall, Micah will begin launching into a more independent ministry while still working under the umbrella of the David Young Evangelistic Association.  He will continue to serve as an Evangelist but will also become the Director of International Evangelism. I could not be more excited! Micah has already preached the gospel in the Bahamas, Haiti, Malawi, Moldova, Canada, and the Philippines.  He has preached in schools, helped church planters, taught national pastors, helped in medical clinic evangelizations, taught national evangelists, and preached the gospel to hundreds.  Several thousands have made professions of faith through these outreaches and the discipleship follow-up is still ongoing. This Fall, Micah is already planning to preach in South America, Africa, and India.  We are scheduling 2018, and it appears that God is opening doors for greater ministry in Africa and the Philippines.  I am overjoyed by the potential to reach so many people with the gospel.  I know you are too!


There are two things I want to ask you to do.  1. Become a Prayer Partner. Would you please pray for this ministry? For God to open the right doors and direct Micah as he goes into “all the world [to] preach the gospel.”  2. Consider supporting Micah.  He will need to raise about $3000 a month to be fully supported.  I know that many of you look for opportunities to support ministries that see great fruit.  Supporting Micah would mean that much fruit would abound to your eternal account (Philippians 4:17). 


Will you pray about all of this?  Will you become a supporter in this great work?  I hope you will! 


Call, text, or email me if you have questions or if you would like to schedule Micah to visit your church. We will do our best to accommodate all of your requests. My personal number is 740-973-3549.


Thanks for reading.

Your friend for world evangelism:

Dave Young

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