TheDaveYoung / November 9, 2016

I have been preaching local church revival meetings for almost 23 years and am increasingly asked to put an emphasis on the home and family in our meetings.

We run them similarly to a revival campaign, except that I focus the messages on our being right with God so that we can succeed in our lives, our marriages, and our homes. We almost always see people saved and added to the church as a result of these services. In fact, I am noticing that these meetings are some of our better ones. Here is why?

  1. They address a very specific need that touches every person in the church and in the community. Many families have experienced failures and disappointments and need direction as to what to do about them. Others are doing it all wrong (Scripturally speaking) and need correction. Some just need encouragement that God’s plan does work and that they really are on the right path. The Word of God is able to meet each of these needs.
  2. They provide a powerful opportunity for the church to reach out to others. I am noticing that people find it very easy to invite a person to hear a message on the home and family and people are very likely to attend. They are then exposed to and introduced to a local church family. They find help for specific needs they are facing in their own lives, marriages, and homes. They also hear the gospel and are given every opportunity to trust Christ as their Savior. Many of them do!
  3. They provide a format where people who are not Christians are more likely to return to the services. In many of our other meetings it is unlikely that a “lost” person will attend more than one service. Our Family Revivals are different and we have observed that many will attend again in order to hear the next part in the series or to learn more about how to succeed in their marriage or in their family. This allows us several opportunities to present the truths of the gospel.
  4. They result in many children trusting Christ. Many “unchurched” families attend with their children. Because we conduct a “Children’s Revival Hour” each service, we regularly see children praying to trust Christ during the week. We strongly believe in our Savior’s command to allow “children to come . . . and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of heaven” (Luke 18:16).
  5. They quite often result in personal revival. We begin our conferences with an emphasis on our first being right with God personally. This allows us to see many believers take personal steps of spiritual growth and increasing discipleship. As a result, believers are not only helped personally but homes are also strengthened!

Perhaps we need more family conferences. What do you think? Contact our team if you would like more information.

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