TheDaveYoung / July 9, 2016

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post and talked about some things I would do if I were a pastor. Most of them were things that I have seen other pastors do and with great success. One was offended (although they were anonymous in their expression), a few expressed further ideas, a few said thanks, and many said nothing at all. None of these are a critique of my pastor friends. I know that pastoring is hard and that often it is difficult to make changes, even if they are needed! However, as I travel from church to church, I have often thought about what I think I would do “IF” I were the pastor. In my last blog I wrote about five of them. Here are five more:

  1. I would use a variety of music. By variety, I mean I would use hymns both old and new. I would use spiritual songs. I would use psalms. I would use older gospel songs and newer choruses. I would use some “quartet” music and maybe even some “bluegrass” music occasionally. I would use modern songs that were doctrinally sound and that met my churches standards concerning music. I would use songs of praise. I would work towards having several choirs (youth, adult, mens, ladies, and childrens) and several groups and a variety of solos and duets and trios and quartets and so forth. I have observed that many of our churches literally do the same thing over and over and over. Variety keeps things fresh and even exposes people to Biblical truths from a variety of musical styles. If I were a pastor, I would use a variety of music.
  2. I would schedule music practices and music training sessions. I would work diligently to train people to sing. I would teach parts. I would practice songs until they were fully ready and fully prepared. I would teach people where to stand on the platform and how to hold a microphone. I would teach people to sing with joy and gladness. Music is one of the most important parts of our services and is sometimes thrown together at the last minute. I would want to change that.
  3. I would train people to operate the sound equipment. If no one can adequately operate it, it doesn’t matter how much money the church has invested, the sound system will not be used to its fullest capacity. If the church had a sub-standard sound system, then I would invest in a new one and buy the best that I could possibly afford. I would also work to “retire” anyone who obviously was not able to accomplish the task.
  4. I would have a coffee shop. It wouldn’t have to be elaborate or even expensive, but I would have one. I would purchase a cooler for cold coffee and bottled water and that sort of thing. I would either have a Kuerig where people could make their own or I would make fresh coffee (check out an Einstein Brothers Bagels, for instance). I like coffee and I just think having a coffee shop would be cool.
  5. I would carefully plan the invitation times. I would write out my invitation. I would have both men and lady counselors trained and ready to serve. I would make it a time for prayer and for meditation. I would even design and make available an “inquiry” room where people could go for prayer. I would have my best counselors there and ready before and after each service. I would likely add quiet music, comfortable chairs, kneeling benches, and a variety of helpful literature. I would carefully explain every invitation so that any person in the building would know what is going on and why. I would not take anything for granted.

So what do you think? What would you do? I have one more that I will add in a few days.

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